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Holzer permaculture

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Introduction to Holzer Permaculture in English and French

Benefit from this course to get your own permaculture started

Learn the basics of Holzer Permaculture and a great deal about the permaculture garden: Since soil health creates healthy food, you will learn about the use and potential of mulch and compost for soil improvement. Furthermore we will deal with crop rotation, mixed cultivation and biological plant protection. We will also get to know the benefits of three-dimensional elements like herb spirals, hedges or water gardens. Since we remember things best when we apply them ourselves, you will be given plenty of opportunities to apply the skills and techniques you have been shown. The aim of the workshop is to encourage you to get your own permaculture garden started.

Visit here for further information on the 4-day workshop "Introduction to Holzer Permaculture" on Krameterhof.