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Holzer permaculture

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» Krameterhof

Our mountain farm

Development and change

For more than 50 years various alternative agriculture experiments have been carried out on Krameterhof. We are constantly searching for opportunities to use our resources in an excellent and sustainable manner. It is no surprise that the farm has constantly changed over time. Trial-and-error shaped the development of the Krameterhof over decades.

An experimental Permaculture-project with international reputation

Krameterhof is known as a permaculture showcase thanks to its size, complex design, and diversity. For years Krameterhof has been attracting experts and nature lovers from all over Europe and even from further abroad.

We consider our farm to be a laboratory that allows us to question farming techniques and test alternatives. At the same time we follow paths of traditional farming and adapt them to present needs. Our approach might sometimes be unconventional, but is always strictly based on scientific grounds.

We are guided by responsibility and openness. It is of utmost importance that our experiments are both, joyful and environmentally sound.