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Holzer permaculture

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The Rebel Farmer

In 1962 Sepp Holzer took over his parents’ farm Krameterhof. Decades were spent experimenting with different farming techniques to improve the productivity of his farm without compromising the natural integrity of his place. Due to his often unconventional views and approaches he earned a reputation as “Rebel Farmer”. In 2009 his son, Josef Andreas Holzer, took over the day-to-day management of Krameterhof, which effectively freed up Sepp to work as a consultant and lecturer in Austria and abroad.

Currently he works on large-scale landscape rehabilitation and farm design with a strong focus on creating permaculture waterscapes.

He travels the world to share his philosophy and experience with people who are interested in permaculture. He is also establishing a permaculture farm in South-East-Austria (federal state of Burgenland), where he experiments with drought tolerant plants.

More Information on SeppHolzer can be found on his homepage www.seppholzer.at and in his numerous publications.